About Us

Public Health Awakened is a network of public health professionals organizing for health, equity, and justice. We work with social justice movements on strategic and collective action to create a world in which everyone can thrive and to resist the threats faced by communities of color and low-income communities.

We are calling on public health nonprofits, government agencies, academics, and others to courageously step up and use their power — their evidence, voice, and resources — to protect and promote people’s lives and communities. Our aim is to contribute our professional expertise — as individuals and as organizations — to support social justice movements.


Why Now?

Power imbalances, racism, and other forms of oppression (the roots of health inequities) have existed since the founding of this country. At times, health professionals have made meaningful contributions to create a more equitable society and fight against injustice.

Today, however, the Trump Administration is moving a regressive and anti-democratic vision of America that deeply conflicts with our values of health, equity, and justice. In the current climate, holding to these values is more important than ever to fight the racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, and corporatism at the heart of the administration. The public health sector has endless opportunities to act on these values to resist the harms to health. And yet, we lack an organized movement that is ready to engage in collective resistance or to advance an affirmative vision for health equity.

The November 2016 presidential election served as a catalyst for the public health community to engage in a more bold and organized effort to advance a vision of community that allows all to thrive. Public Health Awakened was born soon after the election to coalesce our energy in support of social justice movements leading the charge to protect communities. We can use the urgency of the current situation as an opportunity to catalyze a long term movement to advance health equity and social justice.


How Does Public Health Awakened Work?

Public Health Awakened is an initiative convened and staffed by Human Impact Partners (HIP). The work of Public Health Awakened is guided by HIP and a steering committee composed of Public Health Awakened members.

Members volunteer their time to advance collective efforts. We don’t expect everyone to participate in everything the group is doing. But we hope members get activated in the group’s work. We are also about self-organizing, which means we want members to propose ideas to the group and feel empowered to move that work forward.


About This Website

Our website was generously developed by Megan Woo.